HID Well Glass Luminaire

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HID Well Glass Luminaire

Pendent well glass with marine grade aluminium enclosure & high impact treated glass diffuser
P - Pendant, B - Wall bracket, C - Ceiling, P - Pipe Stanchion
 Cat. No  Lamp Type  A=DIM  Weight
High Pressure Sodium    
VMDN/*/100S 100W 360 15.5kg
VMDN/*/100S 150W 360 16.4kg
VMDN/*/100S 250W 556 22.9kg
VMDN/*/100S 400W 556 22.9Kg
Metal Halide    
VMDN/*/100S 175W 360 16.2kg
VMDN/*/100S 250W 360 17.0kg
VMDN/*/100S 400W 556 21.9kg
Mercury Vapour    
VMDN/*/100S 125W 360 15.5Kg
VMDN/*/100S 250W 360 16.8Kg
VMDN/*/100S 400W 556 21.7Kg