Evoke 50

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Evoke 50

Large floorstanders for medium to large rooms.

Key Features

  • New Cerotar tweeter: A brand-new 28mm Ferrite+ soft-dome tweeter inspired by Special Forty and Confidence
  • Hexis: An ingenious resonance-defeating inner tweeter dome, trickled down directly from our most exclusive ranges
  • New Esotec+ woofer: Two long-throw 18cm one-piece MSP cones with copper voice-coils and strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnets
  • New neodymium midrange: A 15cm MSP driver derived directly from the Contour range. True high-end midrange performance
  • Versatile bass ports: Two-part plugs mean you can tune bass response precisely for your room and tastes
  • Danish design: Timeless, honest and beautiful: subtly curved MDF with hidden screws and four beautiful, clean finishes