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Angled Woofers (Home Theater)RSA-635

Angled Woofers (Home Theater)RSA-635
Angled woofer (directional) speakers provide the ability to direct sound to a specific location, which helps overcome installation obstacles, constraints and aesthetic considerations.

They also enable the installer to create a sweet spot irrespective of speaker placement. Additionally, should the listening position change, the speaker can easily redirect sound to the new location without having to relocate the speaker. All Directional speakers feature Russound’s proprietary NeoDrive™ ultra-lightweight, compact driver design that enables installation in tight spaces without compromising sound quality. Primary applications include Home Theaters or any application where directing sound creates an optimum listening environment, as well as installations that may experience future reconfiguration of the listening area.


RSA-635 6.5" 2-Way Ceiling Speaker with Designed Edgeless Bezel Grille

Tailored to provide superior performance A great new look to a great speaker line. Russound Acclaim..
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